Our Story

Nick, Phil & Will came to appreciate the true value of Managed Service Providers from working in various technology and finance roles. MSPs build close relationships with clients, as they handle sensitive information and keep thousands of endpoints running smoothly, so that business owners can focus on their actual business.

With Cloud Migration, Cybersecurity, and remote work all hitting the mainstream, we could not sit idly by as potentially the greatest wave of growth MSPs will see sweeps through the market. We understand the value these new technologies will provide to customers, the challenges they will create for teams, and the opportunities that will develop for nimble and forward-looking managers. Our goal is to be a long-term partner with, and investor in, MSP managers operating in the often overlooked – yet essential – mid-sized MSP market ($1 million to $5 million in revenue)

For Business Owners

To business owners, we guarantee to respect your time with honest and clear communication. AYCE Capital aims to partner with high-quality businesses to continue their legacy. Continuing your success means respecting your history, valuing your employees, and listening to your customers. Our goal is to strengthen companies in the long-term through sustained investment and long-term vision. 

Truly special businesses are few and far between — they do not require renegotiating or long diligence processes. If you are looking to start a conversation to sell your business for $500,000+ please reach out to admin@ayce-capital.com

For Investors

To investors, our investment philosophy focuses on partnering with high quality companies at fair prices. Our strategic philosophy relies on sustained investment to grow a strong and durable business for the long-term.

Our incentives are aligned as the majority of our net worth is invested alongside yours at the same terms. We hold your trust as our most valuable asset and aim to keep an open dialogue with each investor.