AYCE Capital, a leading acquirer of small to medium-sized Managed Service Providers (MSPs) in Canada, has made a substantial equity investment in CarefreeIT Ltd. (referred to as “CarefreeIT”), a highly regarded Managed Service Provider based in Waterloo. Under this partnership, the existing management team retains ownership stakes while all employees remain on board, collaborating with AYCE Capital to fuel further team expansion, maintain the delivery of top-notch service, and foster enduring customer relationships. This strategic alliance harnesses the combined strengths of both companies, positioning them for exceptional growth and an enhanced presence in the Managed Service Provider landscape.

For over 20 years, CarefreeIT has proudly served small and medium-sized businesses in Kitchener-Waterloo and the GTA (Greater Toronto Area). Throughout its history, CarefreeIT has built a sterling reputation for the quality of its IT services and deep knowledge of cybersecurity solutions. Specializing in cybersecurity, CarefreeIT is dedicated to protecting businesses’ digital assets from evolving threats. CarefreeIT is exceptional at quickly identifying, diagnosing, and rectifying cybersecurity threats. With a dynamic client base of diverse sizes and industries, each with distinct needs, CarefreeIT leverages its immense industry knowledge and decades of combined technical skills to consistently exceed client expectations. By going above and beyond, CarefreeIT ensures that clients receive tailored solutions and services, while maintaining the highest standards of cybersecurity to safeguard their valuable data in today’s complex digital landscape.

Amanpreet Guliani, CarefreeIT’s President, said, “We believe partnering with AYCE will be a game-changer. Using our best-in-class tools and processes to layer on proven organic growth and inorganic growth strategies will create tremendous opportunities for CarefreeIT. This partnership also brings financial benefits as it allows us to leverage AYCE Capital’s resources. We look forward to combining CarefreeIT’s outstanding team and processes with AYCE Capital’s operational excellence and growth model.”

AYCE Capital strategically invests in and collaborates with Managed Service Providers (MSPs) to drive business growth, enabling management to dedicate their efforts towards delivering exceptional expertise and quality care to their valued clients. “CarefreeIT’s renowned quality of service and special proactive approach to cybersecurity and IT makes them an ideal partner for our firm. We are excited to work with management to develop new growth strategies, find ways to better serve CarefreeIT’s clients, and to expand the client base in the near future,” said Nick Lorraine, AYCE Capital’s President.

Philip Kaczmarczyk, Principal at AYCE Capital, expressed his enthusiasm, stating, “We view this opportunity as an exciting endeavour, collaborating alongside an exceptionally dedicated and talented team as we collectively strive to propel CarefreeIT to new heights. Specifically, we view CarefreeIT’s cybersecurity expertise as best-in-class and a clear competitive advantage as we grow AYCE Capital.”

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